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Since establishment of company, we have been focusing on ourcustomer and employees for 10 years. Under the slogan of change& innovation, we will realize better place and society. We are notjust satisfying present but we always try to find something new. Aswe are in “Ubiquitos days”, we would like to improve our organizationculture that we share all things with customer every moment.

By strengthening our internal system of IT fields, vision of TimeSystem Co.,LTD is to grow our company as one of a competitivenesscompany in IT fields, root of our company. Our newly establishedBio-Business department can help to understand variety of physiologicalchemistry problems which are based on many diseases relatedto skin and aging. We see that our company can help our customersto improve their lifestyle by solving physiological problems caused bydeveloping and manufacturing various applied products

To recover skin diseases such as Atopy, Pimple, Psoriasis, Seborrhoeaand etc., we proceed to develop specialized products related to basicresearch and expand our products group.

Time System Co.,LTD are effectively manufacturing OEM & ODM wayto cooperate with professional manufacturer. We would like to behonest company by sharing these beneficial things with customers.Therefore Our company promise to keep obligation & responsibilityby sharing all things with customers to be better place, society.
Prime is a cosmetic developed with bio technology
Prime is a cosmetic developed with bio technology fromthe mixture of nature plant-based ingredients.
In cosmeticdevelopment field, utilizing bio-tech is basic requirementswhich have eco friendly and safety ingredients to human.
For keeping these feature, our company uses selectedingredients to improve skin functions.