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Highly enriched ampoule including created stem cell
ND-Cell Ampoule
ND-Cell Ampoule is stem cells cosmetic. It consisted of Cytokine & rowthfactors including protein, mineral, peptide, vitamin and specific structure of compound.
1. Fat Down

It can maintain beauty of body by protecting and removing cellulite.Also included fat cell differentiation inhibitor(released international thesis)is originated in plant

2. Stem Cell Activation

It gives sufficient elasticity and health to skin. Type of lotion is suchas body-shaper and has Emortal which is stem cell activator throughadvanced stem cell research

3. Skin as soft

The product is improved by E F, Peptide. Thus it caneffect better condition on skin such as becomingsmooth & gorgeous skin

4. Natural Moisturizing Factor

It can always maintain moist skin condition.By natural complex moisturizing, it givessufficient moisture and protect to be dry

5. Patented Formula

This is premium hypo-allergenic andskin-friendly serum. It is patented FMLT(Multi layer liposome) by using natural lecithin

6. Safe, Natural Cosmetics

It can keep your skin health without any skinstimulation because the product has not anyartificial pigment, flavoring, preservative, surfactant.Our product only contain plant, natural ingredients

nd-cell Ampoule
 ND-Cell Ampoule
  • Super Peptide for increasing activeskin cell & ant-oxidation

    Peptide Complex